Our story

Goodnest was started in 2013 with the firm belief that finding great workers is too hard, time consuming, risky, expensive, and confusing. For workers we know they’re busy, and that marketing is expensive and doesn't showcase their real ability.

Our mission is to create a community that brings people together to get things done through a network of trust, value and ease. We use technology to make cumbersome processes delightful, giving people more time to apply their skills, enabling them to live their lives the way they love.

Our people

  • Nick MacAvoy – CEO
  • James MacAvoy – Founder and Chairman
  • Richard Humphries – Founder
  • Jacki Northwood – Operations Manager
  • Chichi Nyangoni – Customer Success Representative
  • Stan Zaytsev – Senior Developer
  • Roman Nikitin – UI Designer
  • Grace de la Peña – Insights Analyst

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